Crexendo Business Phone Systems

Affordable Service for All of Your Communication Needs

Crexendo Telecom offers unique and affordable communication solutions through a cloud VoIP service that works with a high speed internet connection. We proudly serve small businesses and entrepreneurs with communication services designed to help clients succeed in a competitive market. Managing phone menus, voice mail, email, and fax in one simple online application is what makes Crexendo's business phone systems so appealing.

Business Phone System Options

Our business telecom services include the Crexendo 800 plan, 200 plan, 300 plan, and the Crexendo DTA plan. These office telephone systems have helped many small businesses take better control of their communication needs. With a variety of options, we have a plan to meet your needs and improve your company's operational costs.

Not only can Crexendo's business telecom services take your business to the next level, but we can save you a lot of money on telecommunications. In this economic environment everybody is looking for cost-cutting strategies. Throw away your outdated small office phone system today. Our products and services offer a low set-up charge and low monthly fees. Choose the plan that fits the needs of your business. Phone systems are necessary to running your business, but you don't have to spend an arm and a leg. Start saving money today! With flexible plans and various device options, we have what your business needs to succeed.

Contact Crexendo About Incredible Cost Savings

Curious about what our plans include or have questions about what office phone system will be best for your company? Contact us today! We are operational in all 50 States and Canada. Our customer support representatives can help you choose the right plan for your organization, and answer any questions you have. Your success and happiness with your communications is our number goal.

Crexendo features include the following:

  • Unified Message Center: Organizes incoming phone calls, emails and faxes in one place.
  • Text to Speech Engine: Enables customers to customize their phone systems by typing in desired messages.
  • Intelligent Recognition: Associates messages with known contacts and prioritizes messages based on the contact's information. Completely customizable: allows users to create as many menus and hunt groups as needed.
  • Easy Integration: Installed and managed through a web site, the system works with existing phone lines and requires no equipment purchases.
  • Hunt Groups: Enables the system to put incoming calls on hold while identifying the appropriate person to help the incoming caller.
  • Multiple Mail Boxes: Gives customers the ability to receive and store voicemail in a variety of customized voicemail boxes.
  • Cost Effective: Crexendo 800 provides a customizable set of features for a set-up charge of $34.95, and a monthly fee of $12.95
  • Phone Add-on: 200, 300, and DTA Plans add outbound calling plans and business communication services with a Business Phone option.
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